Other Little Doodle Comics I Forgot to Post

Because you know. I’m forgetful like that.

I drew them when I was snowed in at work hahaha


Thank you, Snow Fairy

Hi all! It’s snowing out here in Vancouver– and as a result we didn’t have school Friday. Hooray! A gift to me. :)

Here look:

Snow Day

The wind started piling snow up on the left side of my deck. I wish you could’ve been there to see it. It was powdery and it swirled around very beautifully.

(Also, when I look at that picture I feel like there’s some kind of snow fairy standing outside my house, and she’s just barely visible in that cluster of snowflakes whooshing around on the right.)

Well, thanks to the snow fairy I’ve been able to catch up on a few things that needed catching up on, including reading and writing. On the reading side I’ve finally gotten around to reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (I know, I know, about time!), and Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson.

The Book Thief and Steelheart

If you haven’t read The Book Thief yet, I highly recommend it. I already had some pretty high expectations for it before reading– and let me just say, it definitely *passed* those expectations.

Steelheart I picked up out of curiosity, and while it’s not necessarily an earth-shattering kind of book I had a lot of fun reading it, I must admit.

On the writing side, after three days of free time for writing, writing, and more writing, my not-really-there-yet mess of a draft has reached 104,652 words. I passed the 100,000 mark and didn’t even know it, ha ha. Anyway, I had some really great character breakthroughs (I’ll probably post about that in a few days or so). I also might or might not deconstruct it and rewrite it really soon. Still trying to find the pathway that fits.

I’m so close, though. So close.

So thank you, Snow Fairy, for your gift of snow and time.