Inktober 2017 Day Thirty-One: Dog

Day Thirty-One: DogFinally reached the end of inktober! And only a day late~

This is my friend Aleenah with Honey Buns, the golden retriever we wish was real. Thanks for always being so awesome!

It’s been fun guys!

Inktober 2017 Day Twenty-Nine: Dragon

Day Twenty-Nine: DragonStory time:

So one time as a sophomore in high school, a person I knew told our class of 20-ish people that I was really good at drawing. So of course I ended up drawing in front of a bunch of people to prove my drawing skills. And of course, it was a dragon.

It was one of the crappiest dragons—no, one of the crappiest THINGS—I had ever drawn. Notebook paper, no references or prep, sub-par sophomore drawing skills: recipe for disaster. Plus I rushed it, since apparently sophomore me thought that “really good at drawing” was equivalent to “really fast at drawing.” Just, cringe-and-crumple worthy. And I think everyone around me knew it too.

The person who had praised my drawing skill, however, continued to stick to his original claim. As I drew, he said things like, “It’s a DRAGON,” and “Oh, of course she’s adding SHADING,” like he was impressed and all other arguments were invalid and this dragon was not the equivalent of a four-year-old drawing a slug.

I don’t know if he thought my drawing was actually good or if he was just being nice or if he felt it was too late to back out on his original statement. For the longest time afterwards I wanted to go up to him and say, “Sorry for drawing you a shitty dragon,” but I didn’t, because awkwardness + too much time had passed + he probably forgot.

But thank you, person, for believing in my drawing, and sorry for dropping the ball on that one.



Also, dragon today does not have scales beyond the chicken-feet because I Procrastinated™

Inktober Day 2017 Day Twenty-Eight: Rat

Day Twenty-Eight: RatIt’s been a while since I’ve done solid black. I also added a vignette with Photoshop (shhhh…)

Fun fact: all 12 zodiac animals + the cat appear on my inktober list because when I made it I was just finishing up reading Fruits Basket hahaha…

Inktober 2017 Day Twenty-Five: Eyes

Day Twenty-Five: EyesIf you’re wondering if I can draw symmetrically at 2 a.m., the answer is no.

If you’re wondering if it bothers me, the answer is OHMIGOD YES.

Also why didn’t I combine yesterday and today to make a complete face…?

Inktober 2017 Day Twenty-Four: Nose

Day Twenty-Four: NoseThe entry for nose on this list is mostly just for me to practice drawing noses. Because I hate drawing noses. They are the worst.

Although drawing hands might be even worse than that. Dunno.

Also, I felt like if I didn’t draw the mouth for context, no one would be able to tell it was a nose :/

Inktober 2017 Day Twenty-One: Pancake Stack

Day Twenty-One Pancake StackMy friend Aleenah asked for a face on the pancakes, so one order of smiling pancakes comin’ up!

I have a problem, though. I drew the face *on* the stack. Does that mean the whole stack has sentience? What about the individual pancakes???

Also, fun fact: it says “pancake stack” instead of “stack of pancakes” so I could fit the words on one line in my original Inktober list.