Handwritten Words

To be honest, most of my writing is done on the computer these days. Writing stuff out by hand doesn’t let me move stuff around like I want. And sometimes when my mind is going a million miles an hour, scribbling is just not fast enough.

That being said, I love writing things out. Maybe not long things, but short stories and notes and reminders are perfect for page and ink. Handwriting just looks so pretty to me.

(And here I take my two seconds of vanity. Yes, I like the look of my own handwriting, I think it’s awesome.)

Not just my handwriting, either. I like to compare how different people write. A lot can be said from other people’s script.

Don’t even try to tell me your handwriting is ugly. Art is never ugly, only unique.

And handwriting is certainly art.

…Even if you can’t read said art.

So I decided I’d hand-write some stuff for today’s post. Sorry if the lines aren’t straight. They probably never will be. Also sorry if you can’t read my handwriting. You can click it to make it bigger, if that helps.

Handwriting by me


Ink Pens

I recently got a new set of pens. Nothing fancy– although they do look pretty fancy– just a grocery store variety. But I think they are very cool.

New Pen 2

I really really really love opening a new pack of pens. Especially the inky kind. It makes my handwriting look fifty thousand times better than usual.

Opening a new pack of pens has that crisp moment. You know, like when you first open a large bag of fresh, un-crushed potato chips (or marshmallows or whatever you eat). Or when you first cut into a very perfect cake, preferably chocolate. Or maybe when you first pop open a can of soda and it makes a really clear cracking sound. Or when you buy a new journal with smooth, unwrinkled pages (equally as important as the pens). Or when you first write in the journal with the pens while consuming chips/soda/cake/marshmallows.

*Sigh* If only. But at least I have my pens. Hopefully my new pens will help me get some real writing done. Creativity from crisp moments!

Or maybe they’ll just motivate me to not be so lazy and just start doing things. After all, what’s more tempting than this:

New Pen 1