Inktober 2017 Day Fifteen: Quote

Day Fifteen: QuoteIt’s been a while since I’ve done any hand lettering, which I think shows in my work, but what can you do? (Besides practice, I guess. Hahahaha *sob*)

Anyway, this is one of my favorite quotes, and three guesses where I first heard it–

That’s right, it was in The Night Circus.

It’s always The Night Circus.


Inktober 2017 Day Fourteen: Monkey

Day Fourteen: MonkeyI have trouble drawing monkeys. Why?

Problem one: when I draw a general “monkey,” I can’t tell what species it is. Like, what species is this monkey that I just drew? I dunno. There are so many different variations of monkeys, it’s hard to tell.

Problem two: if you type “monkey” into the search bar and look through the image results, you get chimpanzees. Which are, ah, not monkeys.

Inktober 2017 Day Thirteen: Cow

Day Thirteen: CowCow was already on the list, but I asked my sister what kind of cow to draw since she was born in the year of the cow/ox. She said, “A fluffy cow.” I think this one’s kinda fluffy…

Though there are actual fluffy cows out there, which I may have mentioned on the blog first, but I can’t remember.

Come to think of it, I think I once had a fluffy cow as my phone wallpaper. I was so weird.

Inktober 2017 Day Ten: Necklace

Day Ten: Necklace

TWO days behind now. Boo.

Actually both days I skipped were computer science homework days so… I regret nothing.

Also, drawing at midnight: I get great ideas, but my hands. They just. Can’t. Especially with the lines.

Other things related to this drawing: pens went haywire, so the lines are thicker than I’d like. Also, I realized I have yet to buy batteries for my scanner.

Inktober 2017 Day Nine: Angel

Day Nine: AngelOh, shaky lines, how I abhor thee.

Well, I was half asleep by the time I finished this, so I can’t really complain.

Quotes from songs that I listened to today that have to do with angels, completely coincidental:

“I cry when angels deserve to die.” (Chop Suey, System of a Down)

“I’m an angel with a shotgun, shotgun, shotgun.” (Angel With a Shotgun, The Cab)

I kid you not.

Also, the little doorknob-mushroom-shaped creature in the corner was originally going to be an animal, but then I thought, “No. It’s going to be a shadow mushroom.”

Again, I kid you not.

Inktober 2017 Day Eight: Horse

Day Eight: HorseFun fact: I do not like drawing horses.

Fun fact 2: this horse was thiiiiiis close to becoming a unicorn.

Also I tried shading with a ballpoint pen. Some of it was nice, some of it was meh (I’m looking at you, tail).

Anyway, this horse turned out WAY better than I thought it was going to. I actually really like it. Well, now I need to sleep. I have class tomorrow. Honestly, I should not have stayed up so late trying to draw a horse.

Damn horses.

Inktober 2017 Day Seven: Fox

Day Seven: FoxFoxes are my favorite animal, but they’re kinda hard for me to draw… I think i did pretty good on this one, though.

Also I caved and purchased a gray copic marker, just for this fox.

I realize that I’m either going to have to get better lighting or dig out my scanner, because this gray tone in the fox’s fur makes light adjustments in Photoshop a real pain. Hence, the background that isn’t completely white. Even still, it looks good, so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

I’m a bit scared for the next day (or later today, if I’m not too sleepy). Why? Because Day Eight is horses.

I cannot draw horses.