The Adventures of a Nightmare-Fighting Bunny Comic (maybe)

This was an idea I had for a small comic where a stuffed toy bunny fights nightmares, but I don’t think I have enough dedication to make an ongoing comic 🤣

Also I’m like 80% sure there’s already a trademarked bunny named Clover out there so please don’t sue me

UPDATE: There is a bunny in a Disney show named Clover and he’s voiced by Wayne Brady

Midnight Drawing: Earrings

…Or that’s what I would’ve called this if I had bothered to make her earrings big enough to see.

My sister chose the flower cuff. I have a pair of the wide moon studs. The dangling one doesn’t exist but I want it.

She Isn’t Dead!

An image of Me Hiding

She isn’t!

And by she I mean me. I’m not dead. But the blog has been metaphorically dead for, what? Half a year? Good Lord.

A lot has happened, internet. I’ve graduated from college. Got a real-person job. I moved away from Vancouver and now I’m situated in Kirkland (still Washington, though, so not too far.) My internet has downgraded from 120 Mbps to 60, but it’s just me using it now so I guess it’s all good.

But who cares about me– I know what you really want to hear. WHAT ABOUT THE BLOG? ARE YOU GONNA DO SOMETHING WITH IT???

The answer, my friend, is yes. Though I guess that doesn’t mean much coming from me, since I’m historically bad at continuing this blog. Heck, I don’t even know if anyone’s gonna read this post about Little Atmospheres’s resurrection. But you know, that doesn’t really matter– I started this blog for me, and I’m gonna continue it, because, why not?

So this blog– I might be shifting it to more art-stuff, since that’s what I do more of now. But other than that, this blog will continue to be what it always has been: random.

So until next time, internet. I’ll keep in touch, I swear.


4 x This Week: Cringing, Worth Living For and Peppermint

Doughnut from General Porpoise
This photo is at the top of this post simply because it is the most aesthetically pleasing. But also this doughnut is delicious.

This post was originally going to be gloomier but for some reason turned out a bit bubbly? Not sure how that happened.

Well, maybe bubbly isn’t the right word. But there are walnuts. And doughnuts. And peppermint.


Do you ever suddenly remember something embarrassing you said in the past and then sit there cringing in shame? I do. All the time. Especially when my roommates are gone. Then it’s just me and my thoughts, and it is not good.


I just bought a new loaf of bread the other day. It’s a generic brand but it has walnuts in it. Walnuts! Can you believe it? I LOVE bread with nuts in it. Currently it makes my days worth living for.

Also good? Miraculous Ladybug. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry about it.


My friend and I have realized that we have a system for Sundays:

  1. Go to General Porpoise for doughnuts.
  2. Work on homework at General Porpoise. Usually a mix of physical computing (which she doesn’t like), resumes/job applications/professional development (which I don’t like). It’s funny because people always ask us what we’re doing messing with wires and stuff, and I wanna say, “Dude, I don’t even know,” but we manage somehow. It’s kinda fun. The physical computing, not the resumes.

    Arduino Build
    It looks like this.
  3. After that, possibly Salt & Straw ice cream, depending on the week. I used to eat it all the time in Portland, so it’s nice that there’s one in Seattle too.
  4. By then we usually realize we need real food, so we bus back to campus and by gyros/shawarma. Twice we’ve gotten some sort of brunch food instead, but for the most part it’s shawarma. Then we retreat to the library’s writing center to eat and do more homework.

… I realize I usually go to church on Sundays too but I’ve become a bit lax on that. Oops.


I was going to put some stuff in here about wanting to say I’m an artist or graphic designer but not feeling good enough to do so and feeling like an imposter, but instead I will tell you the secret to life:

Peppermint tea.

Okay, okay, so it’s not the secret to life, necessarily, but it’s great for plenty of reasons. Want to relax? Peppermint tea. Stomach hurts? Peppermint tea. Want a drink that feels both cool and hot at the same time? Peppermint tea. Want a tea that doesn’t get bitter the longer you steep it? Peppermint tea. Want to know what I’m drinking as I type this?

P E P P E R M I N T   T E A .

I don’t know if I can say it’s my favorite tea, but it’s definitely up there—and there is always a box around my house, without fail. It’s like winter in a cup when I can’t have winter.

I miss winter. *sigh*