Web Comic: An Actual Encounter I Had With an Actual Doctor

This is an actual encounter I had with an actual doctor. All of these are 100% true except the last one, ’cause doctors shouldn’t swear.

I'm at the urgent care clinic at 10:45 pm because i think my blood sugar might be spiking/crashing but it could also be a severe anxiety attack so I see a doctor...Me: *describes symptoms* Doctor: "Tell me, what do you know about physiology? Me: *having a panic attack and/or blood sugar abnormalities*Doctor: Let me ask you, do people need carbs? Me: Uh, we need complex-- Doctor: No, people don't need carbs. I only eat vegetables.Me: *describes my coping strategies* doctor: No amount of breathing exercises is gonna help you if you don't exercise.Me: *describes current medication* doctor: Take some benadryl it's what we give to little old ladies with PTSD.Doctor: who gave you that medicine? Me: *describes doctors* Doctor: Your other doctors were shit.


2 Replies to “Web Comic: An Actual Encounter I Had With an Actual Doctor”

  1. Doctors will take your money and then kill you. That’s why they wear masks.
    Nice to see somebody doing some comic art on wordpress, I was starting to feel like the only one. There’s some nice stuff in your not-comic gallery too. And I don’t mean ‘nice’ like your mom’s friend says, ‘oh, that’s nice,’ I mean more like ‘niiiiice’ but not so Vinnie Barbarino.

    1. Ahaha I’ve had some really great experiences with doctors, and some not so good… this time was kinda like accidentally eating a licorice jelly bean.

      Also trying my hand at these comics for the first time, so I’m glad you like it!

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