4 x This Week: Erasers, Karaoke (not), Inktober, and Two Books Instead of One

Mono Eraser
It has possibly changed my life forever

I think I’m going back to putting these posts on Monday. Sunday is just  a better reflection day for me, so.


Can we talk about erasers for a second? Yes, erasers. Because I finally caved and bought a Mono eraser on Saturday, and I understand now. I understand. Not that I’ve tried out that many erasers, but it’s hands down the best eraser I’ve ever used.


I’ve started drawing for inktober, hence the need for the new eraser (am I supposed to capitalize that? Inktober?) I’ll be putting my drawings up on Instagram and the blog from now on. I’m trying to limit the time I spend drawing to somewhere between thirty minutes to an hour each.

Also, my hands are pretty shaky. I forgot about that until I started drawing in ink again.


I’m not fond of singing in public, and thus am not the first one to volunteer for karaoke. But it seems fun I guess? Maybe. My friends and family all like it. But anyway, one of said friends asked me once what my go-to karaoke song is. Of course I didn’t really know, ‘cause I don’t sing. But the first few things that popped into my head were Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi (which is too high for me to sing), My Way by Frank Sinatra (because I know all the words for some reason…?) and In the End by Black Veil Brides (which is… not an option).

I’m gonna have to think on that one.

Anyway, karaoke has taught me that I also know the words to a lot of old songs. Compared to my peers, anyway.


I didn’t buy the book that I mentioned last week, but ended up buying two books by Joseph Cambell  (Primitive Mythology and Oriental Mythology) instead. Why, me, why?

I could not resist.



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