Art: Escape

I’m back for the year, this time with art. I realize this blog has become more art-focused, but I guess my life has become more art-focused too. Below I have cover art (front and back) for the speculative fiction magazine I’m the design/visual editor for. So, shout out, if you’re anywhere near the University of Washington, maybe consider picking up a copy of AU: Escape sometime next week?

Ecape Art

Art and design by yours truly. Below is the art, minus the words.Escape Art No WordsI’ve been super busy for the past week with stuff that has been less fun, so it was nice to get to do this as a break from the stress.

Well, all I can say now is that I’ll try to post more into the future, once I’m done with my winter classes, but history is not on my side here. I can wish you good luck going ahead, though. So, uh, good luck!


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