Quick Concept Art: Air Train

Air TrainI decided to play around with more drawing stuff lately and ended up with this. I also wanted to try out this new font that I really like. It’s cute, no?

“Air Train” is actually a concept I had for a story that I *may* write soonish. I tend to draw things that relate to what I write when I’m bored, or when I want to figure out what kind of atmosphere my writing will have. This piece is one of the better quick concept sketches I’ve done, I have to admit. It was practice time well spent.

Speaking of writing, I might start a new post series soon about writing/reading. I haven’t talked about this stuff in a while, plus I’ve kind of fallen off the blog-writing wagon. So look out for that, maybe Thursday if my classes don’t kill me tomorrow.





CometThis piece is called Comet. I liked it so much I used it in another project: AU’s website, which I just remade. AU is a speculative fiction literary journal at the UW, which of course I had to become involved with! Let’s hope all goes well…