Pen and Scribbles Are Me Right Now (Updates: Drawing, Books & Writing)

Pen and Scribbles Are Me Right Now

This is me right now. Lots of things are happening in my life, both behind the scenes and on stage. Mostly bad, but eh, what can you do? Some good news is I got a new phone, so my casual pictures are looking a lot nicer.

We’re taking a break on the blog from the drawing challenge today (even though it’s been like eleventy-million years since I last drew something for the challenge) so I can mention the state of a few things.

Drawing. The drawing challenge is still going on, stuff’s just gotten in the way (I know, I know, shame on me.) Two other design projects have popped up– one logo for a new client and one for a friend– with deadlines, so those kinda have to come first. I’ll try and get back on the challenge schedule this week, maybe discuss the design projects.

Status: Not done.

Books. Summer is when I do the bulk of my reading, since I have more free time then, and the library has reading challenges and so on. Those are fun. I talk about some of these books on the blog occasionally, usually highlighting my favorites. Today I’m mentioning not a book, but a list of books: finally I have complied a loose list of all the books I like on one page, which I’ve put here.

Status: Well, the page is done. (Ignore the 20-something unread books I have checked out from the library alone.)

Writing. Yeah, I’m still doing that too, even though I haven’t posted about it since eleventy-million x 100000000 years ago. It’s hard to talk about it, though, since I can’t really tell you what it’s about. But anyway, this should be the last draft before peer edits, which I want to start by 2017. Hopefully. Maybe. It’s exciting, but also… daunting. I get the feeling that the story will need to be seriously curtailed. Slash-and-burn type. Kill your darlings, right?

Status: Not even close.

I wish you a pleasant day. May you be more productive than I.



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