30 (ish)-Day Drawing Challenge: Day Twenty-Two

Day Twenty-Two of the 30 (ish)-Day Drawing Challenge: An Untranslatable Word.

Day Twenty-Two: Ataraxia

Back to doing one of my favorite things: hand lettering! And with one of my favorite words, too.

From a purely aesthetic standpoint, I love the sound of the word as you say it, and it has a nice symmetrical look about it, don’t you think? The word ataraxia is from the Greek language, and is a state of calm, tranquility, or imperturbability. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, ataraxia (ἀταραξία) translates directly to “impassiveness”; the word has been adopted into the English language to form the noun ataraxy, which is defined as “Freedom from disturbance of mind or passion; stoical indifference,” though it is rarely used.

I found one definition I had saved because I rather liked it, though I don’t know where it came from: “the lack of agitation that comes from understanding the ways of the universe, accepting fate, knowing what one can control and, therefore focusing only on the things one can actually change.” It also has different philosophical interpretations, depending on which Greek school of thought you’re listening to– which I think gives the word its “untranslatability.” Definitions I’ve found range from seeing and accepting things as they are, being in a state where you cannot be agitated, or drawing calm from the pursuit of virtues. I’m probably only scratching the surface here. (If anyone knows about classical Greek philosophy or knows more about this word, I’d love to hear from you!)

For Day Twenty-Three:

  • pencil/charcoal
  • colored pencil
  • digital
  • digital with color
  • my pick


94. something on this list + a mustache

The something: 58. harbor

This ought to be fun. Five days left– I’d better stop slacking!






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