30 (ish)-Day Drawing Challenge: Day Eighteen

Day Eighteen of the 30 (ish)-Day Drawing Challenge: Mythological Creature.

Day Eighteen: Phoenix

Sorry I seemed to have dropped off the edge of the earth for a while– things have been kind of…. difficult lately. In a way the phoenix is ironically fitting, since I guess I’m supposed to be metaphorically rising from the ashes of whatever is plaguing me right now. Or something.

Anways, some of the detail in the drawing has been lost, since the colored pencils I use have glossy sheen that for some reason makes the orange super saturated (remember goldfish girl?) when scanned. The pictures of phoenixes that I’ve seen generally are based on hawks or eagles or swans or something. I used a willow tit for reference, just because I like them. Looks like a little baby phoenix.

For Day Nineteen:

  • pencil/charcoal
  • colored pencil
  • digital
  • digital with color
  • my pick


69. cityscape (+1)







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