30 (ish)-Day Drawing Challenge!

Now that I’m free for the summer, I thought it would be fun to do something art-related. So I thought, why not a 30-day challenge?

Below I have a list of 106-ish subjects ready to be drawn. The rules are simple. Using a random number generator (found here), I will pick one random medium and one subject from the list. For the subjects with (+1) afterwards, I’ll get an extra day to finish (hence the “ish” after “30” in the title.) Most of the list is stuff I came up with, some of it comes from what seems to be common in other challenge lists.

This Monday, I’ll randomly choose my subject/medium. The piece will be due the next day. At that time I’ll choose another subject, and so on until I have 30 pieces.

I thought it would be nice to try and stretch my creative ability, as well as just to practice, because Lord knows I don’t do enough of that. I also want to see where my weaknesses are. I’m super excited for this challenge, and I can’t wait to see where it goes!

Well, first assignment’s on Monday. See you then!

Choose one from the following mediums:

  • pencil/charcoal
  • colored pencil
  • digital
  • digital with color
  • my pick

Choose one from the following subjects:


  1. picture of me
  2. favorite book character
  3. monarch/king/queen
  4. me in a different time period
  5. a rock band
  6. favorite outfit(s)
  7. wedding gown
  8. an imaginary friend from childhood
  9. butterfly
  10. fictional mantis
  11. a dinosaur
  12. a weapon
  13. favorite drink
  14. eyes
  15. ballerina
  16. four horsemen of the apocalypse
  17. a hooded figure
  18. hair


  1. bird
  2. dollhouse
  3. flowers
  4. lemon
  5. stars in the sky
  6. umbrella
  7. monster
  8. wings
  9. outdated robots
  10. doll
  11. mask
  12. chess piece
  13. mode of transportation
  14. what I ate for breakfast
  15. leaves
  16. drinking glass
  17. cat
  18. demon
  19. reaper
  20. moon
  21. sun
  22. a coin
  23. a bell
  24. a candle
  25. water drops
  26. random astrological zodiac sign
  27. my Chinese zodiac sign
  28. my astrological zodiac sign
  29. egg
  30. bone
  31. angel
  32. mythological creature
  33. feather
  34. spirit animal
  35. favorite toy as a kid
  36. one of my favorite foods


  1. favorite scene from a movie
  2. attic/basement
  3. sci-fi desert scene (+1)
  4. harbor
  5. forest
  6. garden
  7. museum
  8. underwater
  9. graveyard
  10. floating landscape (+1)
  11. city above the sky (+1)
  12. theater
  13. tranquil nature
  14. architecture
  15. cityscape (+1)
  16. farm
  17. a room in your dream house (+1)
  18. some sort of background
  19. one of my favorite places


  1. something with my favorite color
  2. favorite season
  3. favorite weather
  4. favorite myth/fairytale
  5. favorite holiday
  6. tattoo
  7. black & white
  8. a smell
  9. song I just listened to, something that represents it
  10. mandala
  11. re-imagining of a book cover
  12. get five random tropes from tvtropes, pick one
  13. one of the seven deadly sins
  14. one of the seven heavenly virtues
  15. tarot card
  16. favorite word personified
  17. a fear
  18. an untranslatable word


  1. lettering + first noun/verb/adjective of the 9th full sentence of the book closest to you
  2. a mash-up of three things on this list
  3. something on this list + a mustache
  4. something on this list + one of the four elements
  5. animal + person
  6. mash-up one random Chinese zodiac sign with one astrological zodiac sign
  7. twins + one other thing on this list
  8. logo + something on this list
  9. impossible animal mash-up
  10. jewelry + something on this list
  11. dragon + something on this list
  12. fruits/veggies + the four elements
  13. circus + something on this list
  14. fox + something on this list


  1. redo of something you’ve made before (doesn’t have to be from this challenge)

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