Poem: The Great City

I realize that I really like these kinds of rhyming schemes. Oh well. Here’s another one!

The Great City

I used to be in a great city
with the houses all lined up in rows
The buildings all towered like tapers,
glowing like midwinter snow

I used to belong to a city
with walls of cradle and care
each brick a brilliant memory
racing up through the layers of air

The soil was soft as the silkwebs,
The grasses as gentle as night
The earth had smelled then like honey
The air had tasted of light

The wind had sounded like smiles
The glass was as clear as the rain
The sidewalks all smoothed out and stretched
like the neck of a new paper crane

I once had beheld the great city
cradled in the cracks of my hands
And the infinite planes of the city
had held me, cracked though I am

I once clung on to this city
who nestled me in the strings of her streets
She hoisted me on her high rises
And hid me in deep wells of wheat

The city had given me wishes
The city had given me strength
The city had given me everything,
Until everything was given away

And the sun had set on the city,
and my shadow had reached for the dust,
for something so golden in sunset,
for something to sate all my lust

I used to be in a great cityβ€”
And the city had resided in meβ€”
but I wandered in search of my freedom
without knowing what it means to be free