Books Recently (With an Almost-An-Infographic)

My week in reading:

Books Read, Being Read, and to Read in a Stack


  • 1 Finished: The Rook by Daniel O’Malley, an AWESOME book that was recommended to me, and that I now recommend to you.
  • 4 Being Read:
    • Lost and Found by Brooke Davis, which my best friend Jazmyne wanted to read– although when she told me about it I heard had read instead of wanted to read, so I got a copy and will be giving it to her shortly.
    • Slowly making my way through The Lord of the Rings, before I watch any of the movies (I know, I know, you can stop throwing tomatoes at me). So far I’ve finished the Fellowship of the Ring and have seen the movie, and yes, I think they’re super amazing.
    • Also in the stack are The Warrior Queens by Antonia Fraser and
    • Unnatural Creatures, a book of short stories collected by the fantastical Neil Gaiman.
  • 5 More to Read:
    • Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs– finally got my hands on a copy.
    • The Cuckoo’s Calling by  not J.K Rowling Robert Galbraith, see entry for Miss Peregrine’s above.
    • That is All by John Hodgman, because I was curious.
    • Napoleon’s Wars by Charles Esdaile.
    • And 1775: A Good Year for a Revolution by Kevin Phillips, which I forgot to put in the stack (oops).

Isn’t it funny how the “To Read” pile is always longer than the “Finished” pile? Always. I think being walking distance from a bookstore isn’t such a good idea… but oh well. MORE BOOKS!

Oh, and Jazmyne also sent me a gift in the mail (EVEN MORE BOOKS!):

Edgar Allan Poe Pop-Up BookIt’s a pop-up book! A really creepy pop up book. She knows me so well, haha.

So, read anything good lately?