Comfy Atmospheres: The 8

Comfy spot at The 8

A couch and a coffee table. Window to the left, fireplace to the right. Warm and casual. Amber light rolling out of the wall lamps. Low chatter in the background. An outlet in the wall nearby, something that is precious. Food a few paces away, even better.

Yep, this is a comfy spot.

This is The 8 at the UW, in a new corner that I haven’t sat in before. I think might I have a new obsession with finding comfy spots for me to inhabit.

(And making paper airplanes out of pages of writing/school failures. At least as airplanes they can fly, whereas plain failure-papers just fail. But that’s a story for another day.)

I’ve heard that a lot of writers have a favorite spot for working– usually in cafes and the like, or in a specific room in their houses. For me, I like a variety of spots for a variety of different moods. This spot is more of a read-write-relax spot, maybe catch-up-on-some-episodes spot. I like it. I feel like a cat, lazing about in a new nook, watching things with my lazing-cat eyes.

I think I’ll stay here for a while. Order a hot chocolate. Try to do some homework. Probably read a book.