Organizational Squares! Clotheslines Made of Friendship Bracelets! Fox Doodle!

Friendship bracelets pinned to a corkboard to form a clothesline to hang notes
My list of New-Year’s resolutions didn’t originally include getting more organized, but it seems that I have tried to accomplish the task nonetheless. Which is good, because my thoughts can get pretty messy when I’m disorganized. Especially when it comes to writing notes and jotting down reminders.

I could use my phone– and I do, fairly often– but it’s just not the same. I mean, I love my phone and all, but sometimes I just need a good ol’ fashioned written reminder to, well, remind me of things. Typing just doesn’t have the same memory-jogging power that writing does for me. During the summer, as I was getting ready for college, I knew I would need to get my hands on a couple of corkboards and dry erase boards before I left. Or sticky notes, at the very least. So deep into the days of August, just before I left for school, I went to Walmart and bought a few corkboard squares, and picked up a dry erase board as well.

And because I was lazy, I didn’t hang them up until at least two months later. Oh well.

Here are most of them. There are two more on the wall next to my desk, since the boards came in a four-pack:

Two corkboards and a dry erase board for organization

I hung them up using clear, removable Command hooks (which I actually put backwards for the ones that you see in the photos. I think they look all right, though.) They were cool, I pinned stuff on them regularly. Those patterned papers are actually sticky notes I bought from a Daiso a while back. They stick to everything except for my wall, which is a little problematic, but they’re still cute.

And then– and then–I found these old friendship bracelets. I’d made them in the car on a road trip to San Fransisco, except the top one, I think. They were sitting in one of my old boxes, just waiting to be rediscovered. As I was thinking over what I should do with them, I got the great idea for the board in the first photograph, which was to make a couple of “clotheslines” to hang notes from out of the bracelets.

I pinned up the ends of each bracelet, strung a couple of paperclips on them, attached a few of my notes, and done! A decorative, functional piece for my wall was born. Such is the power of friendship.

Nice, don’t you think?

Oh, and here’s a closeup of the fox, pinned to the middle board, because I love foxes:

a sketch of a fox pinned to one of my corkboards