Poem: I Crushed Myself a Human Spirit

I Crushed Myself a Human Spirit

I crushed myself a human spirit!
Yes, I really did;
T’was a precious, jubilant, juicy thing,
and I’d slain it where it hid

T’was easy enough to find it,
‘tween the chinks and chains of mail—
T’was easy enough to strike it,
and laugh as it grew pale

That jewel, it was a-beating—
a-glowing, a-pumping, alive
That bird, it was a-singing,
a-screaming just to thrive

Oh, I hated that vibrant spirit!
That tulip-and-daisy sprite
I loathed that burning ember,
that star that fell by night

So I trampled the spirit’s guiding shine,
tamped out its warming fire
I slashed the flowers’ tender stems,
and trod them in my ire

My sword had come up ruddy,
still sodden from the kill
And though I’d washed it many times,
bloody is it still

I crushed myself a human spirit,
and since have not returned
And I will continue to crush those lives,
‘til I receive what I have earned


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