Writing it Right

A pen and my notebook, filled with words

First of all: happy Easter, everyone! I hope you are having a very fine day out. I’m expecting a chocolate cake any time soon (it’s still in the oven!), so my day’s been pretty good so far. I’d share with you, but alas, shoving chocolate cake at a screen does nothing (except waste perfectly good chocolate cake).

Okay, enough about the cake– my stomach’s grumbling just thinking about it. The real reason I decided to write this post today is because a) I feel the need to apologize since this will be only my second post in April (third, if you count the video post, which I really don’t), and b) my writing is actually going pretty well, miracle of miracles.

I’ve started writing things out longhand again, which I’ve rediscovered thanks to Stephen King (more on that later– although it doesn’t really need that much of an explanation). Now things are happening. Story’s coming together again! Hooray!

I figured out that writing–well, typing– on my laptop is very distracting. There are so many pretty things to click on and spend hours playing with; plus I’m more tempted to go back and tweak stuff that I’ve already written, since editing on a laptop is super easy. I mean, I thought that I was pretty good at handling the shiny tech-distractions, but I guess I’m not.

However, on paper the ideas just flow in a lovely gush of loveliness. Thank you, good ol’ paper and pen!

I also very much enjoy the feel of the pen inking up the paper. And if you’re wondering why I was writing in red pen, it’s just because the texture of the pen was just calling to me, even though the red ink sorta makes my eyes hurt.

I hope your writing ventures are going well. Mine seem to be (for now– fingers crossed). If they’re not, maybe try writing things out longhand?

Good luck. I wish you lots of cake.



Happy Belated Birthday, Little Atmospheres

Assortment of Rainbow Macarons from Granville Island, Canada.Happy Birthday, Little Atmospheres!

In all the hustle and bustle of the week, it seems that I have forgotten something rather important. As of yesterday, my blog has officially turned one year old–my first post was put up one year ago yesterday.

I think this deserves some confetti, doesn’t it?

*throws confetti everywhere in a pretty, sparkly rain*

Had I a picture of some confetti, I’d put it *here*.

So this post comes at an interesting time in my other-world career; I say other-world career because I like to think of my own personal world as split up into different “spheres of influence,” so to speak. There is the world where I create. Where I study. Where I have my friends and family. Would they be better off if they weren’t so separate? Perhaps. But for now, this is how they are. A juggling of worlds, an ever-onward show kept up by a sole performer.

And right now, all these objects are at their height, aligning somewhat. Strange. But a juggler only has two hands, and can’t catch all his wards at the same time.

This blog lies in the realm of the dreamer; the shimmering ball, one that isn’t as carefully handled as the others. Often times it is dropped. Forgotten. Set aside when the others become to much to balance. But it is here that I’ve made my home, and it is without a doubt my favorite world of all, for now.

Even resting here, the blog isn’t exactly a magnum opus. I still have no idea what it’s supposed to be. Heck, I don’t even remember what I’d wanted it to be in the first place. I think it was originally a test of my own ability. Can you keep this up for longer than your other projects? Can you still write at the end of the day? Can you remember to catch the dream-ball, even if the others are already becoming too much to handle?

The answer: I still don’t know.

I know what I wanted–still want– this blog to feel like, but not what it actually is.

I’d hoped that a year in, I’d know what Little Atmospheres was supposed to be. That the blog would find its niche in the world, and that it would fall into place like the final piece of a puzzle.

But… that’s not exactly right. It turns out that this was not the last piece, but the first. And now, I have to figure out everything else around it– and it’s harder than I’d imagined.

And yet, there is something very special about Little Atmospheres that I can’t quite describe. I suppose there’s a reason I haven’t quit on it yet. It is something that I started for myself, one year ago– a promise to remember never to stop, a promise to live from the head to the heart, and a reminder that not everything has to be perfect. Because perfection is not what a world is supposed to be made of.

So no, I don’t have a picture of confetti. I don’t have a cake or even a candle, and I haven’t yet changed the banner that I keep promising I will change. Today isn’t even the correct day, for crying out loud. But that doesn’t matter, not entirely. Not compared to all this blog has become, all that it is. All of its imperfect, here-then-there tidbits and diamonds in the rough and half-kept promises and more.

And while I don’t have any cupcakes (a real tragedy, that), I do have an invisible cup of something sparkly. And so I raise my figurative glass to you, dear audience of mine, however small or large you may be. Thank you, everyone who’s stuck with me this far. It means a lot– especially because I know this blog doesn’t have a lot to give, not compared to all those who know who they are and what they should be.

Happy birthday, Little Atmospheres. Thank you for a fantastic year, and here’s to many more.


P.S. Still no cupcakes (WHERE’S THE HUMANITY?!?!), but I did have a picture of some rainbow macarons from the market in Granville Island in Canada. Didn’t actually eat any, but the photo had a birthday mood about it, so I decided to put it here.

P.P.S. I’ve just been alerted by WordPress that I now have 99 followers. Yay! 9 is my lucky number, so… happy birthday to you, blog!

P.P.P.S. Last one, I promise– I changed the banner today. Does the photo look familiar? *points upwards*

Geek Love <3

Hello all! In lieu of a proper post, I decided to post some awesome-tastic videos. I am in THE ZONE right now when it comes to writing, and ironically that means this post is going to be a little short, ha.

Unfortunately the blog is going to have to suffer a little more neglect. *sigh*

Anyway, you might remember this particular video by Google from April Fool’s Day, which I am in love with:

Then there’s something out there for the Mario fans, particularly those of you who have played Mario Kart (still the best racing game ever, *cough cough*). This first one is absolutely adorable:

And the second one’s just funny: