Flyer for Model United Nations

A quick note: I might be ignoring the internet this week. Must study for finals! Apologies in advance.

Anyways, now’s probably a good time to mention that I’m still testing out my fledgling wings in graphic design, and about a week or so ago I was tasked with making a flyer for our school’s Model United Nations club, which will be distributed at our school’s open house this Wednesday. And I’ve finally finished! I think. When they assigned this to me they didn’t really give me a lot of instructions in terms of what to put on it (and our club doesn’t exactly function as a normal MUN would), so I just wrote what they gave me and filled up the empty space with doughnuts.

Here it is:

Flyer for Model United Nations ClubWhat do you think? Is this flyer to empty? Because we don’t really do much, so… so I have no idea what they want me to put on this flyer. I’m not even sure if they’re being printed in color. But I like it, I guess. It works. We’ll see what happens.


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