Laptops and Waffle Irons and Updates and All

Hi all! Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. Things have been kind of hectic lately. But to be fair, I warned you that November is my busiest month of the year.

This is basically going to be a hodgepodge of stuff I just wanted to tell you all. Here we go…

I got some new stuff for my birthday, which was pretty awesome. (You’re going to say, “Wasn’t your birthday last month?” and I will say, “Yes, yes it was. But I kind of forgot to write about it afterwards so…”)

New stuff includes a new laptop since my old one was dying and hated my guts, which is really nice. Here’s some pictures:

My laptop, pretty close-up shot

My laptop, top viewThis is part of the reason I’ve been ignoring the blog, sorry to say. I’ve needed time to get to know my new friend, who I hope will not hate my guts. With the laptop also came the Adobe suite, which makes me very happy. (I can now add more art-things to the blog!) These two things should in theory enable me to write more posts. Should.

I also got a waffle iron. I suspect it was because my family wanted me to cook them waffles, but who cares? I can eat fresh waffles now.

a waffle iron

Hopefully with a laptop that stays on for more than five minutes and warm, fluffy waffles, I’ll be able to get some real work done.

I promise something more meaty for my next post. And that post will come before December, promise.


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