The Frogs Outside my Window

Imagine the sound a frog makes. Go ahead, imagine it. Really loud, now.

Then multiply that by two.

And then by five.



Then stop.


And then start again.

With the coming of deep, heat-drenched summer comes many things: sleeping in until 11:00, eating potato chips and popcorn on the couch, watching movies, using my free time to do something other than homework. You know, the usual.

But where I live, summer also brings around frogs.

Ah, yes, the frogs. Notorious, sneaky little things. Every summer, all night long, the ribbit-ribbit of frogs goes on and off like a light bulb. A bright, bright light bulb. In your face. While you have a headache. A chorus of frogs will sound off for a solid amount of time (usually anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 minutes), and then stop, all of a sudden.

You think they’re done, but they’re not.

*during dinner*

“Hey, mom, can you pass me the–”


“Um… okay. Mom, can you pass me the–”


*angry sigh* “GIVE ME THE–”


… silence.

… maybe they’re done.

… should I try now? No, better not risk it.

… seems safe…

“Okay, mom can you please give me the–”


*tears hair out throws dinner plate in the bushes in hopes of hitting a frog*



I’d include a picture of them, but the thing is, I’ve never seen one. They are ghost frogs. They hide. You can hear them, boy can you hear them, but you can never see them.

Sometimes it sounds like they’re fighting with each other, trying to see who can scream the loudest. In the middle of the night. Or maybe they’re conspiring against humans and it’s all part of their plan for world domination.

I don’t think they were always there– I don’t remember them being around when I was little. But then again, I wasn’t exactly an attentive child.

The thing is, they JUST. DON’T. STOP.

And you want to know something weird? They used to be annoying. Like, really, really annoying.


But now it’s kind of nice, hearing them outside. It makes me feel like I’m out in the country, on a farm or something, and tomorrow morning I will be awoken by the crowing of a rooster at sunrise. And I will have fresh eggs for breakfast. And I will run out into the apple orchards and knot daisies through my hair and play with the family sheepdog.

It’s kind of peaceful.


Kind of.

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