It. Is. June.

It’s June everybody! Hooray!

It is almost summer. Almost summer. We are this close to summer. Thiiiiiisss close.

With that in mind, it’s time to make the list. Yes, that’s right. It’s my to-do list for summer. As it turns out, this is the perfect time for me to accomplish all the things I don’t have time for during the school year. Because I will actually get them all accomplished before next school year. And then I’ll win the lottery. *cough sarcasm cough*

But no, this year will be different. Why? Because I will finish the list, that’s why!


  1. Finish writing a book
  2. Take on the reading program at my library
  3. Learn to drive
  4. Finish a knitting project
  5. Finish an art project
  6. Memorize a song on the piano

This list is organized according to priority. Yes, reading for the library is above driving– but only because reading for the library is very doable during the summer, whereas the driving may take longer. Much longer, in my case.

I’ll be posting updates when stuff happens with the list. I’m already sweating just thinking about it.

So now it’s time to buy some new pens, grab some paint, and dust off the ol’ bookshelf, because it’s June 1st.

Let the battles begin.


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